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MDM AI Readiness Checklist

AI Readiness Checklist for Data Leaders and Practitioners


Microsoft Fabric and Purview MDM Integration

Microsoft Fabric and Purview Integration announced at Microsoft Ignite


MDM in the IT Domain

Why keeping Master Data Management (MDM) in the IT Domain is bad for business


Most Common MDM Myths

The Most Common MDM Myths. Debunked.


The Definitive Master Data Management Toolkit

Unlock the secrets of Master Data Management (MDM) and learn how it revolutionizes data management. Our comprehensive toolkit equips you with the resources, tools, and knowledge needed to navigate data challenges and build a robust business case for MDM implementation. From understanding MDM's impact on streamlining operations to becoming a certified expert, embark on a journey to data excellence with our guided learning paths and lifetime access to valuable content.


CluedIn AI Assistant - the future of master data management

Meet the CluedIn AI Assistant - the future of master data management. Powered by Azure OpenAI, it revolutionizes data management with natural language capabilities. Enhance decision-making, automate data governance, and streamline collaboration effortlessly. CluedIn accelerates innovation, ensures compliance, and democratizes data for organizations worldwide. Join the journey to intelligent master data management with CluedIn as your trusted partner.

Solving complex data challenges with CluedIn and Azure OpenAI

Unlock the potential of CluedIn and Azure OpenAI to tackle intricate data dilemmas effortlessly. Tim Ward, CluedIn's CEO, explores the synergy between graph databases and Azure OpenAI, offering insights into how CluedIn amplifies Azure OpenAI workflows. Seamlessly bridging human-AI interactions, CluedIn empowers non-technical users to harness the power of natural language to navigate complex data landscapes. By enriching ChatGPT prompts with context, CluedIn closes the human-AI gap, ensuring precise and reliable data outcomes. Discover how CluedIn's integration with Azure OpenAI revolutionizes data management and simplifies data-driven decision-making.


Master Data Management and Data Governance

Data Governance and Master Data Management. What is the difference and why do I need both?


Cost of poor data quality

The cost of poor quality data and how to fix it.


CluedIn third-party Purview experience

CluedIn announces integration with Microsoft Purview, enabling seamless data transfer and unified data management. Leveraging AI-powered assistance and federated governance, Purview streamlines operations across multi-cloud data estates. The collaboration extends CluedIn's master data capabilities, enhancing data quality, lineage, and accessibility within the Purview interface. With advanced analytics and AI-driven insights, organizations can harness data for informed decision-making and regulatory compliance. Additionally, CluedIn's integration with Azure services and forthcoming SaaS offering further strengthens data governance and accessibility for businesses of all sizes.


What is Master Data Management?

Master Data Management (MDM) is explored as a strategic approach to governing core business data, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and accessibility across organizations. The article delves into its components, benefits, challenges, and best practices, highlighting its pivotal role in driving informed decision-making and operational efficiency in today's data-driven landscape.


Master data management: The key to getting more from your data

Master data management can give organizations a leg up by allowing them to easily organize and access data about customers, suppliers, products, and employees.



Five Scenarios Where Graph-Based MDM Shines Over Relational Databases

CluedIn announces third-party Purview experience

The Evolving Roles of the Data Steward and Data Citizen

The Rise of Connected Data and the Connected Enterprise

Augmented Data Quality: the what, why, when and how

5 Reasons Why CluedIn is the Optimal Choice for MDM on Microsoft Azure

CluedIn unveils next-generation Master Data Management powered by AI

How to improve data quality without a Master Data Management platform

Which data types should be managed by a Master Data Management solution?

AI Readiness Checklist for Data Leaders and Practitioners



Augmented Data Quality: Empowering the Professional Services Sector

Data Governance 3.0: Aligning Data Governance with the Objectives

The Power of Purview and CluedIn

Meet the New CluedIn: Product Tour

How to prepare your business for AI quickly and effectively

How to master data effortlessly with an AI Assistant

Webinar: CluedIn and Microsoft Fabric - Prepare your data for the era of AI with Microsoft Fabric and CluedIn

Webinar: CluedIn and Azure OpenAI: How to truly deploy and scale AI in your data governance today

Webinar: CluedIn and Microsoft Power Platform Prepare flawless, insight-ready data automatically

CluedIn and Azure OpenAI: get the governed, mastered data you need in minutes! | CluedIn



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