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CluedIn's mission is to give companies the data foundation they need to fulfil their data-driven intiatives.


We strongly believe that data will fuel the biggest innovations in the future. This means that we have to start providing companies with a proper foundation of technology to enable this. What drives the CluedIn team, is a desire to see the worlds problems solved through data in a scalable, robust and ethical way.

Philosophy and ideology

Our philosophy at CluedIn is to rethink the world. We are a contrarian company and have contrarian visions. Every time we attack a challenge, we always analyse the ways that things are being solved today and question it from every angle. We believe this is where innovation comes from.

Our ideology is that there are some core pillars of data that will be fundamental and foundational to anything we do and we strive to provide a platform and an ecosystem to support this.


Tags iconData Fabric, Data Hub