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CluedIn Team

CluedIn's mission is to give companies the data foundation they need to fulfil their data-driven intiatives.


CluedIn's motivation is grounded in a strong belief that data will drive significant innovations in the future. The team is driven by the goal of providing companies with a solid technological foundation to harness the power of data effectively. Their underlying motivation is to contribute to solving global challenges using data in a scalable, robust, and ethical manner.

Philosophy and ideology

CluedIn's philosophy adopts a contrarian approach, challenging conventional perspectives to drive innovation. CluedIn critically examines existing problem-solving methods, questioning them comprehensively from various angles, believing that this scrutiny is the catalyst for true innovation.

At its core, CluedIn's ideology focuses on identifying fundamental pillars of data essential to any undertaking. CluedIn is committed to delivering a master data management platform and ecosystem that support these foundational aspects, emphasizing a robust and fundamental approach to data in all its endeavors.


CluedIn Company Values



As 'Be Good People' is one of CluedIn's core values, the company has established a charity to help others in need.

Read about Den socialøkonomiske virksomhed Lend a Hand ApS.

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