Why Graph is Key to Modern Master Data Management?

The graph database is fundamental to driving a much-needed breakthrough in the world of Master Data Management (MDM). Until now, traditional MDM systems have imposed strict rules and structures on how these projects are managed. This has cost enterprises dearly in terms of wasted time and resources and has been a major contributory factor to the failure of many MDM initiatives. Graph has changed all of that, allowing modern MDM platforms to completely redefine how master data is prepared for insight and used to deliver tangible business outcomes.

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How Graph-based Master Data Management Accelerates Data-powered Projects

Big Data LDN 2022, 21 Sept, 4:20pm, DataOps Theatre
Speaker: Tim Ward, Cluedin

Over three quarters of Master Data Management (MDM) projects fail, which means that how we currently approach MDM is fundamentally flawed. The time has come to completely reinvent how we prepare data for use in business-critical projects like creating a single customer view and identifying cost efficiencies. Graph-based MDM platforms allow you to eradicate upfront modelling, integrate thousands of data sources and process millions of records in minutes. Join this session to learn how you can use your use your data to drive process efficiencies, accelerate innovation and reduce time to market.


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