Zero upfront modeling with CluedIn

Traditional Master Data Management solutions ask you to spend months modeling data upfront. CluedIn is the only Azure-native MDM platform that lets you model data flexibly and hold off on schema mapping until natural data models emerge.


Flexible Modelling

Graph based modelling for ultimate flexibility

Zero upfront modeling in Master Data Management (MDM) is an approach that defers the creation of a detailed data model until a later stage. It emphasizes agility, flexibility, and faster time-to-value by allowing organizations to quickly implement MDM solutions without extensive upfront design. This method utilizes a flexible schema, such as Graph databases or schema-less approaches, enabling iterative development cycles and accommodating evolving data requirements. Zero upfront modeling encourages continuous iteration and improvement based on user feedback, data analysis, and changing business needs. It excels in dynamic environments, making it suitable for areas like customer 360, mergers and acquisitions, public health, and identifying investment opportunities.

CluedIn MDM Flexible Modelling


You will never build a model that will cater for everything single use case, so why are we all doing that in our Master Data Management systems then?

  • Data Modeling 

  • Data Stewardship 

  • Hierarchy Management 

  • Semantics Layers

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Multi domain entity modeling

Don't model your data for what your world looks like today, do it for what it will be at any point in time.

MDM has always been about focussing on models such as Customers, Products and Transactions. Why limit yourself when you don't need to anymore?

  • Loading/Sync/Business Services. 

  • Multiple Domain and Multidomain 

  • Multiple Implementation Style 

  • Multiple Usage Scenarios 

  • Perform/Scale/Availability

  • Workflow/BPM 


MDM Multi Domain Entity List

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