CluedIn Data Governance

In the vast realm of data, the absence of governance renders even the most extensive datasets futile in achieving project success. Acknowledging this truth is crucial, and at the heart of effective data governance lies the indispensable component of Data Lineage.


CluedIn Data Lineage

Data Lineage: Building Trust from the Ground Up

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful data initiative. With CluedIn, the journey towards trust begins with a Detailed and Automated Data Lineage from Source to Target. This granular visibility allows for a transparent and explainable audit trail, paving the way for trust paths to be established.

In every data project, adherence to a Business Ready Glossary is non-negotiable. CluedIn ensures that your business communicates with its entire data landscape in a common language. No longer is there a need to navigate the complexities of source systems or engage with domain experts. This collaborative Data Glossary facilitates endorsement, rating, and sharing with ease, working seamlessly across languages, departments, and various industry lingo.

Proactive Data Policies: Ensuring Compliance and Security

CluedIn takes data governance to the next level with proactive business rules. These rules monitor and alert on sensitive data or data requiring action, guaranteeing a free-flowing, compliant, and secure data environment. The platform incorporates sophisticated rules, providing detailed logs of processing to enable a comprehensive view of data actions over time.

Security is paramount in the realm of data governance, and CluedIn's Granular Access Control offers a solution. With Active Directory integration, the ability to build custom roles, and the flexibility to set different permissions at various processing stages, the platform ensures a secure, compliant, and auditable environment.

Transparency Through Audits: Never Second Guess

CluedIn thrives on transparency, storing an audit trail of every action within the platform. This detailed history, coupled with the ability to explain every decision, is a testament to the platform's commitment to clarity. Whether it's SEC Rule 613 compliance or other audit trail regulations, CluedIn eliminates the need for second-guessing, empowering users to confidently navigate their data platform.

In essence, CluedIn's comprehensive approach to data governance encapsulates the core elements necessary for success - from detailed lineage and business-ready glossaries to proactive policies, granular access control, and transparent audits. It provides the framework for organizations to not only manage their data effectively but also to do so with trust, confidence, and compliance.


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