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Mondo Hosting Change Management System (ASP / COM)
Tags iconASP, COM, Helpdesk application, VB6
Dealer extranet for Telia (ASP)
Tags iconTelecommunications Industry, ASP, COM, PDF Generation, Line of Business Application, Oracle
Sitemodul.dk (SiteModule)
Tags iconSitemodule, CMS, ASP, COM
Document management tools and intranet for forsvaret (ASP / COM)
Tags iconSitemodule, Lead developer / Architect, ASP, COM, XSLT, Defence industry, VBA, Excel, VB6
WorkingOnSafety.net (Web500)
Tags icon.NET, CMS, COM, XSLT, Web500, Community, Forum, VB.NET
Mondo.dk (SiteModule)
Tags iconSitemodule, ASP, COM, XSLT
Insider.mondo.dk (SiteModule)
Tags iconSitemodule, ASP, COM, XSLT