CluedIn Data Fabric

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CluedIn provides a foundation of data infrastructure to provide reliable, secure, scalable and trustworthy data to fuel any data-driven project.

CluedIn streamlines the process of making data ready to use and provides you with the key pillars of data management

CluedIn Data Fabric

Data Integration. Reinvented.

Automate Data Integration.
We provide an integration platform that does all the joining of records for you. Forget complex designers and ETL pipelines.... you don't need them.

A pattern that supports endless data sources.

You will never stop growing. Your company will bring on more systems, generate more data and need to move faster. CluedIn's integration pattern paves the way for flexible and scalable data integration.

Ready to go.

Time to value has never been this quick.
CluedIn is designed to take data at its face value. We don't need or want you to clean or prepare data for CluedIn. CluedIn utilises an ELT approach to simply load data from systems as is. We take care of the rest.


Data Integration solved for good.

There are so many ways to integrate data and CluedIn makes sure that this is all abstracted away from you. What matters for you is that you want data ready-to-use, don't get lost in all the ways to deliver that - that's CluedIn's job.


Built for scale.

Throw anything at CluedIn.
CluedIn was designed to support structured, semi-structures and unstructured data and lots of it. It is not unfamiliar for CluedIn to process 100's of TB's of data.


Resilient and Robust

Guaranteed Delivery.
Data needs to get from A to B. Many things can go wrong in that process, but that shouldn't be your burden. CluedIn is backed by robust and reliable infrastructure so data will find its way in the world.






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